Handwriting Signs are some of our most favorite things to create!
Handwriting signs feature hand cut words cut from a picture of your loved one's handwriting, submitted by you. Handwriting Signs make the best keepsakes and are among the most heartfelt gifts you can give. 
Handwriting Signs are priced based on sign size + the number of words you'd like cut out. 
Here is a breakdown of Handwriting Sign pricing:
Size Base Price
8" x 10" $45
6" x 18" $50
12" x 12"  $50
12" x 18" $55
12" x 24" $65
16" x 16" $70
18" x 24" $75
12" round $50
18" round $75
24" round $90


Children's drawings are some of Fifteen 42's favorite things to cut and can be ordered as a Handwriting Sign as well! Just count the number of people, animals, etc in the drawing that you would like cut and that will be the number of "words" you request when placing your order!