Name Round pricing is based on the size of the round + the number of names on the sign + any additional add-ons (if applicable). 
Here is a breakdown of Fifteen 42's Name Round Pricing:
Size  Base Price
12" round $30
18" round $45
24" round $60
30" round $75
36" round $95


Add-ons are a great way to personalize your Name Round sign! Add-ons are priced on an individual basis, based on round size, size of the add on and how intricate the add-on is. If you'd like to add something to your Name Round, feel free to email N&M at with your ideas and any example pictures you have and together we can create something that is unique and perfect for you! 
Below are some examples of some add-ons N&M has done in the past!



Other great ways to personalize your Name Round sign include:
Herringbone Backer, stained or painted (+$30)
Handwritten Name (+$15)
     Paint Dipped backer (+$15)
 Painted Backer, distressed or solid paint (+$15)