Welcome to Fifteen 42 Wood Co. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, high quality hand cut signs for every room in your home. Whether you choose from one of our original designs or create a custom sign of your own, Fifteen 42 Wood Co. will help you beautify your space, one handmade piece at a time.


We received the sign and it is awesome!! Dave is, in his own words, 'gobsmacked'. He had happy/sad tears. Thank you for capturing Sarah for us!


Just need you to know you are amazing. I am beyond words to express just how beautiful my picture is you do outstanding work. I will treasure it forever with tear every time I look at it.  


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I gave the sign to my Mom yesterday for her 60th birthday and she loved it. There were tears!! She had no idea such a thing was possible, and she was very touched. Thanks again for making it happen - you’re so great at what you do!


Chris has always been a pretty sentimental kid of guy, and absolutely loves any writings, scribbles or drawings our girls do for him. This picture in particular made him emotional. Our oldest (5) did the writing and the people and our youngest (3) did the house, grass and flowers. We had it wrapped up on the table and the girls couldn't wait for him to open it. As soon as he seen it, the tears started flowing. He grabbed our girls and said this is the best gift ever, He quickly hung it on our wall and every time he walks by it he touches it... thank you Courtney for making this Father's Day a very special one in this house!!! 


The sign was a huge hit, you had us all in tears over Zoom on Christmas morning and my Mom absolutely loves it ... so thank you!